January 12nd, 2009

Bo and I submitted a paper entitled Applying design patterns to specify the architecture of a generic program library to ECOOP 2009. For this purpose, Bo created a mini-release of the library which contains some selected components (vector, set, map, stack, and list). We hope that our paper together with this mini-release helps our developers (and users) to understand the design of the CPH STL.

In the next quarter (February - March 2009), many of the remaining components will be refactored yet another time as part of the assignments offered in our course on Software development. The mini-release will be gradually extended when more components are available for open alpha testing.

If you want to take a peek inside the library, visit Downloads. The library is released under the following copyright notice:

Copyright: The authors and Performance Engineering Laboratory (University of Copenhagen)

The programs included in the CPH STL are placed in the public domain. The files may be freely copied and distributed, provided that no changes whatsoever are made. Changes are permissible only if the modified files are given new names, different from the names of existing files in the CPH STL, and only if the modified files are clearly identified as not being part of the library. Usage of the source code in derived works is otherwise unrestricted.

The authors have tried to produce correct and useful programs, but no warranty of any kind should be assumed.

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