Code reviews

Everyone who has submitted his/her code to the project should arrange --- if possible --- a public code review. These meetings are organized as follows:

  1. The code writer asks Jyrki (or someone else) to function as the moderator of the inspection.
  2. The moderator seeks for two voluntary reviewers.
  3. The moderator books a lecture room for the review.
  4. In the inspection meeting the code writer gives first an overview of the code after which the reviewers come with their criticism.

At the beginning of the process the actors should read the chapter on formal inspections from the book by Steve McConnell (Code Complete; 2nd Edition).

The slides prepared by the code writer should be committed to the Review module of our CVS repository. Also, the reviewers should write down their comments and commit those to the Review module of our CVS repository. For more details, see the README file in the module.

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