Tools used in the project

This tool is for doing performance measurements. The tool is still under development so be aware that some features may change in future releases.

Brief introduction: [pdf]
Installation and user guides (in Danish): [pdf]
Online documentation: [html]
Benchmark-form generator: [php]

A version control system used for recording the history of all documents.

Ultra-short introduction: [ps]
Online documentation: [html]

A typesetting system used for the production of documentation.

Instructions to use our style files and the style files themselves: [tar.gz] [DIKU-article.cls] [DIKU-report.cls] [DIKU.bst] [DIKU-alternative.bst] [hyphenation.txt] [landscape-slides.sty]
Online documentation: [html]

A programming language used for all scripting.

Online documentation: [html]

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